This is an assignment Max did for his fourth grade class. He had to choose a picture out of “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” by Chris Van Allsburg to write a story about. Max has an interesting vision with everything he does, and this shines through in this story. I hope you all enjoy:

Venice Files By Max Silvernail

Chapter 1 February 12 1:05pm:

Echo, Shen, and Noah were walking down the street laughing about a joke. These kids were Brilliant. Echo was a brown skinned 10 year old with black hair and bangs. Shen and Noah were twins so they both looked the same with white skin and blonde hair except Shen’s hair was like Echo’s and Noah had a buzzcut. They were friends. But something that stopped their laughter was a boat coming into the canal in Venice. When it exploded, everyone ran.

Chapter 2 February 12 5:47 pm:

“Earlier today a ship exploded killing nobody, and the real mystery is nobody was in the ship so how did it explode?” said the TV news man. Echo turned off the TV. “We are not doing this.” he said. “Yes we are,” Shen said nodding his head. “Fine,” Echo said. “Yes!” yelled Shen. “What am I doing?” said Echo.

Chapter 3 February 12 9:15 pm:

“Come on!”Shen whispered. They entered the crime scene. “Hmm?” muttered Noah. “What is it?” asked Echo. “Over there a guy is looking around. He saw me, he’s making a run for it!” replied Noah. “Get him!” yelled Echo. They chased him into an alleyway but when they turned he was gone but what wasn’t was his phone. Echo picked it up and figured out the password. “Looks like we’re going to 59th on Waliester Street,” Echo said smurkly.

Chapter 4 February 12 10:45 pm:

Echo knocked on the door, then all of them hid. A woman opened the door, then they all snuck in and hid under the couch. Then the woman said, “Someone ding dong ditched us.” They snuck into someone’s room where a middle aged man was asleep. Then Echo searched the phone and found selfies of the man. Then Echo whispered, “close the door.”
Noah closed it. Then they woke him up. He was about to scream when Shen covered his mouth. Echo said, “Where were you last night Gilbert Winston?” “On a date with a great woman.”
“Lie!” yelled Echo. “You were at a crime scene sneaking around and so were we. You can’t deny that now give us a name of someone more guilty than you or we might report you to the police! Understand?” “Fine, Mrs. Licorice.” “Where does she live?” asked Echo. “Northport Fifty Ninth Avenue.” “Let’s go.”

Chapter 5 February 12 11:30 pm:

The kids went to Northport Fifty Ninth Avenue, and picked the lock. They opened the door and snuck in. They went to the room where Mrs. Licorice slept next to her husband. “How do we interrogate a person without a chance of waking someone else up?” Noah asked. “We don't, we get her out of here and then interrogate her.” Then they picked her up and carried her to another room. “Wake up dreamy,” mocked Noah. “Ugh-aaaa-.” yelled Mrs. Licorice when Shen covered her mouth.
“Now where were you the night after last?” asked Echo. “I was at a movie alone, here are the tickets.”
“This is dated yesterday, that doesn’t check out. Tell us why you gave us the wrong tickets?” “I was confused,”Mrs. Licorice yelled. “What is your connection with Gilbert Winston?” “Oh I remember now. He’s an old friend I went out for dinner with.” “Did he drive you home?” “No.” she said. Then the boys left.

Chapter 6 February 13 9:35 am:

“Here’s what I think happened. So Gilbert invited Mrs. Licorice to dinner planning to turn it into a date, but when they were done he left to go to the crime scene. He met us and you know the rest. But the question is why did he go to the crime scene. Ideas why?” “Maybe he was trying to see if someone was hurt,” said Shen. “Or he was chasing someone who did it, another interrogation?” said Noah. “No, a talk.” said Echo. When they got to Gilbert they explained their theory. “So you think I did that cause if so you're right. And I was there because I was meeting my brother, Conder. He lives at Fineterst 58th Street. You should meet him.” “We’re done here, but thanks.’ said Echo

Chapter 7 February 13 5:35 pm:

The boys came in the door. “So why are you here?” Said Conder. “To ask some questions like why did you bring your brother to a crime scene?” “Wait, I didn’t bring him there, he brought me there. He has a criminal record and he even told me he blew up that boat,” said Conder. “We’ve heard enough.” Said Echo leaving. Chapter 8 February 14 11:25 am: The boys were stopping at the Ice Cream Truck and all ordered the same thing: seasalt and caramel ice cream. “Yum,” said Noah, taking a big bite of the frozen treat. “Hmm?” said Echo, eating his ice cream. “What, do you think something’s wrong with the ice cream?” laughed Shen. “No,just thinking about what they said. I mean should we believe it?” “Yes, because why would they lie to us?” said Noah. “You're right, in that case let’s find Gilbert.” “First we need to track him,” said Shen. “One step ahead of you, he’s at 34th Wienster Street,” Echo said, checking the tracking device on Gilbert’s phone he installed on their last visit.

Chapter 9 February 14 1:00 pm:

Echo knocked on the door and it was almost immediately opened. He walked in and they went to Gilbert, he looked at them. “Why did you blow up the boat and what's on your criminal record?” yelled Echo. “First, I didn’t blow up the boat and second, I got caught speeding. I saw my brother planting bombs on the boat and then he set a course to an old enemy's store?” “ I understand, so he said you did it so he could get away with it and you would be punished for something you didn’t do.” said Echo. “Then let’s get him and bring him to justice,” yelled Gilbert. “He’s at the Science Museum let’s go and I call shotgun,” said Echo. They then left, got in Gilbert’s car and sped to the museum where they found Conder. “Stop right there!” yelled Gilbert. “Oh really,” said Conder slyly. Then Echo called the police and told them to come quickly. The police came and arrested Conder. “You guys, can I also be a detective?”asked Gilbert. “Sure!” said all of the boys in a trio. “Well let’s go.”