This was a Thanksgiving creative writing assignment for my 6th grade English Class. We had to write a story about turkeys during Thanksgiving. I wrote it about 2 years ago so some of the writing is a little childish, but I recently went back to edit some of the worst parts. Ethan thought this story was funny, so I hope you do to. -Benji Silvernail

Turkey Day Afternoon It all began when I was strolling to the boring, deserted bathing pool on a perfectly interesting evening. All of a sudden, I thought I heard something behind me. I flipped around. “Thomas, are you stupid. Did you not hear what mom said?” It was my sister, Sally. “Yes I did, ok. I thought this was ok. It is real close to the hideout.” “Well it is not. Mom is going to be so mad.” said Sally. “Ha ha the joke is on you. Mom sent me here. I don’t even want to be here. I had a place to go. Jerry and I were gonna hold up a place.” I replied. Sally’s face sunk. She always wanted me to get in trouble.
Now you may be wondering, what is my family like. It sounds pretty crazy. I was born into a group of crazy turkeys. We are hated by almost everyone. The humans hate us, but hopefully not you, the other animals hate us, and even some turkeys hate us. Jerry is my best friend. Me and him grew up together. He is not as attractive as me. He hangs out with me, and so girls like him as well. I like to tell myself that is not the only reason he is friends with me.
Anyway we needed money. It was around Thanksgiving so we had to stay around the hideout. Jerry and I were going to do this low key, cause Mom and Dad would not like us doing this. Anyway, Sally looked real sad. She started walking away. “Be back soon,” she said, trying to sound nice. I started walking to the bathing pool. When I got there, Jimmy was waiting near the pond inside a treehouse that we set up when we were young. The only reason I saw him was cause I knew he would be there. He had two masks clamped in between his feathers. “What’s up, where have you been. We hardly have enough time,” he said. He was not mad. I could tell by the way he looked. He thought I might be late.
We started walking. While I was walking a thing popped in my head. Why had Sally not yelled at me for holding up a place. She definitely would have taken the chance to yell at me. Then it hit me. I bet she was also worried about the money. She probably wanted me to do it. That’s what it was. I felt better about it.
We came up to the shop. We were about 50 feet from the store. Jimmy climbed up into a nearby tree. He held up a pair of binoculars. “I think there are about 15 turkeys in there,” he said. “Ok, I’ll be crowd control.” We both put on our masks. “So here is the plan,” said Jimmy, “you will run in and yell, ‘This is a hold up,’ then I will run in and start emptying the cashier. See you will scare them with your claws, ok.” “Yea I got it.” We ran in. “Reach for the sky!” I yelled, then realized I was supposed to say ‘this is a hold up’. “This is a hold up,” I corrected myself. Jimmy ran in behind me. He ran right over to the cashier. He was good at this. I stood there awkwardly. This was taking too long. Suddenly, I heard the noise of shattering glass. I saw Jimmy duck. He was just in time. A bullet hole was right were his head had been. “What was that,” I heard a bystander yell. I looked through the gap the glass used to fill. I saw two hunters. What, I thought. Hunters never came this far into our territory. Jimmy and I both looked at each other. I yelled, “Ok now everybody run into the back room!” Everyone stood up. They seemed pleased at the idea of running from the gunshots. Once we all got back behind the wall, Jimmy and I had a second to talk. “What do we do now?” I said“I don’t know.” “We could leave these people and try to escape by ourselves.” Jimmy said, “No, we got to help these people.” He was right. It would be mean and awful to leave these people. “You are right,” I said. With this new responsibility, we started to form a plan. We would start a fire by lighting a piece of wood, and then we would throw it out of the store. We hoped that this would scare all the hunters away. There was one more part of our plan. We would charge out of the store after we threw the log that was on fire. He and I both knew how this would probably end, in our deaths. So out of the store we ran. The last things our eyes saw before this, were the faces of 15 shocked people. As we ran out the door, two bullets flew at us. Jimmy’s bullet flew right through him. Mine missed, but we both kept on. As we came up to the hunters they were in shock. How was Jimmy, or that turkey to them, still running. As we came upon them we started scratching them. We did not want to kill them; we just wanted to scare them off. It worked. They ran off, scared to death. And right there, in my arms, Jimmy went to sleep, and never woke up. About a year after this there was a knock on our door. As I opened the door, I was shocked to see all the animals from the store we robbed outside my door. I thought it was the end. They had decided to finally kill us. But what I heard was quite the opposite. A man walked up from the crowd. He said, “My daughter was at the store you robbed.” I was ready for the end. “She came home without a scratch. I thought nothing was wrong. But when she walked in, she told me what happened. The heroic acts of you and your friends made us all think twice about you guys. If you guys don’t rob anyone or do anything bad, then you can come back to the town.” The only reason we ever started robbing was because they kicked us out of the city. Now they were taking that back.